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Ownership Opportunity at Valdoro

Valdoro Mountain Lodge is unique, in that Valdoro Development (Developer of Valdoro Mountain Lodge) offers their owners a resale program.  If you current on your Maintenance dues and do not have a lien, please contact us about selling your unit.   Valdoro does take a limited number of each unit type to list for sale.  

Valdoro Rental Program

The Valadoro Mountain Lodge Resale program is currently not accepting new rental listings at this time, please check back in the future for listing your home week for rent. 

Upgrade to Full Ownership Program

If you find that you desire full ownership in Summit County, you can work with our knowledgeable team that has been at Valdoro Mountain Lodge since the inception of the resort.  

As part of the program, we can buy back your Valdoro Mountain Lodge ownership (cannot have a lien) at current market prices.  our team will be your local realtor and work with you to find a perfect condominium, townhome or home to fit your needs.   The same team will handle all the paperwork at closing, making it an easy transition for you.

Please contact Gena Osborn at 970-547-4091 with any questions or e-mail at 


Resale Program

If you ownership needs have changed, Valdoro Development can try and sell your ownership for you.   To participate in this program your maintenance dues must be paid in full and not have a lien on your ownership.   Please contact Gena Osborn at 970-547-4091 with any questions or e-mail at and we will be happy to explain the program in more detail.