Valdoro Mountain Lodge 
 Breckenridge, Colorado
 Front Desk :   970-453-4880
Concierge:    970-547-4044
HGVC (Reservations):   800-932-4482
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Owners Information

Renting Out Your Week

If you choose to rent out your Home Week at Valdoro, please be aware that there are multiple  NEW steps you must go through to be compliant with the Town of Breckenridge and State of Colorado.    There is a Town of Breckenridge fine if these steps are not followed.
1.   The Town of Breckenridge requires a Business Occupational License Tax (BOLT).    On all advertising avenues, you must include the Business License number.   Valdoro has a business license number for each unit.   To get the license number for the unit, please contact the Valdoro General Manager at 970-453-4880, please have the unit number listed on your Valdoro deed as we do not have access to this information.   If you don't have a copy of your deed with your unit number, please contact Summit County Government to obtain the deed for your Valdoro ownership (see below for their information).  

2.  You need to collect and remit 12.275% lodging/accommodation tax.    5.9% needs to be paid to the Town of Breckenridge through Express Pay or can be paid as a paper return and they will waive the $5 paper return fee for timeshare.    Visit Town of Breckenridge to remit tax.   If you have questions about the Town of Breckenridge process, please contact Cathy at 970-453-3182.   6.37% needs to be paid to the State of Colorado which you need to set up a license through Colorado Dept of Revenue.  

3.    Once you have the unit rented, you must also contact HGV Club to do a Guest Certificate to put the reservation in the persons name that will be checking in.   This can only be done on your Home Week (not Open Season Rates or Club Reservation). 

Deed Name Change Process

Below is an explanation for changing the name on your deed, whether from a divorce, marriage, adding kids, death or sale. We cannot complete this process for you since we are not a licensed attorney.

Below are some options for changing the name on your deed:

1. We work with a local attorney in Breckenridge that can handle the whole process for you at a nominal fee. Erin Hunter 970-455-4656.    They do not have access to original documents or have any affiliation with Hilton Grand Vacations Club.  

2.   You can do this yourself by preparing a Quit Claim Deed. You can go to google and search Colorado Quit Claim Deed form and download the document. You will then need to work with the Town of Breckenridge to pay the 1% transfer tax or have it waived if circumstances permit. Record the document with the Summit County Clerk and Recorder and return the recorded documents to Valdoro Mountain Lodge and Hilton Grand Vacations Club. You also need to contact Hilton Grand Vacations Club to let them know about the change at 800-932-4482. This is quite a lengthy process and requires a lot of interaction with the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Clerk.    You will need the legal description which can be found on your Special Warranty Deed on your paperwork or contact the Summit County Clerk and Recorder (below) to obtain.   

Summit County Clerk and Recorder 970-453-3475
Physical Address: 208 Lincoln Avenue, Breckenridge, CO
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1538, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Town of Breckenride 970-453-2251
Physical Address: 150 Ski Hill Road, Breckenridge, CO
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 168, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Hilton Grand Vacations Club 800-932-4482

Valdoro Mountain Lodge 970-453-4880
Physical Address:   500 Village Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7247, Breckenridge, CO 80424
When mailing or shipping, please use both physical and mailing address to ensure your package arrives.  

Regardless of who processes the Quit Claim Deed, there is a fee with HGVC to change the name on the ownership. Please call HGVC about ownership name changes or additional information at 800-932-4482.